Hello! We’re Lisa and Sharon - sisters, lifelong fans of pop culture, and nerds who’ve attended dozens of conventions. 🤓

Our Difference

High-quality printing

We specialize in giclée printing, which showcases the bold colors, dramatic contrast, and mesmerizing textures of your original artwork. We treat your art with the same respect and care that we show our own projects.

Personalized support

We love working closely with customers! At Victron, we provide personalized expert support to ensure we showcase your artwork the way it deserves to be seen. Reach out with questions about your project and we're happy to help every step of the way.

Hands-on collaboration

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We’d love to hear your ideas and help bring your creative vision to life!

Our Story

It started with a problem and ended in a creative solution.

Way back in 2008, Sharon’s husband (an art major at the time) was so frustrated with printing at the local shipping store that he went out and bought his first large format printer (with 6 different inks - regular CMYK plus light cyan and light magenta, so fancy!).

Fast forward and Victor (the “Vic” in Victron) is now a professional artist and was running into the same aggravating barriers that he was fed up with in college. Because we couldn’t find a print company that could reproduce his highly saturated artwork, Lisa suggested to Sharon that we do it ourselves and make a company that could help more artists!

And Victron Printing was born!

We had a lot to learn! And the most important lessons came from speaking directly to artists like you. After spending hours exploring artist alley and chatting with all sorts of creators, one theme really stood out: so many artists struggle to find a printer who will work with them and treat their artwork with respect. We’ve heard from queer artists who don’t know if it’s safe to go to their local printer (despite the fact that it’s the 2020’s and not the 1920’s!). And artists who create erotic work that doesn’t pass conservative content guidelines.

Through these conversations, one of our most important business goals emerged: creating an inclusive print company where people can feel safe bringing their artwork. At Victron, we make sure you never have to worry about quality control or people passing judgement on your identity or your artwork - no one has time for that nonsense!