How should I set up my print files?

Our goal at Victron Printing is to make the most faithful print of your art possible. To do this, we need high quality and correctly formatted files.

Here are the basics you should know before sending us your files:

  • Pixels: Images should be at 300 DPI/PPI (dots per inch or pixels per inch). If you are ordering a 5x7 inch print, then your file should be at least 1500 pixels wide by 21000 pixels tall.
  • Bleed: If your image doesn’t have a border built into it, then it should have a bleed of 0.125 inches. If you are ordering a 5x7 print you should be sending us a 5.125 x 7.125 file.
  • Color Profile: Files should be left in the same color profile they were built in. Please DO NOT convert your files to CMYK.
  • File type: Files should be saved as PNG, JPEG or PDF 

It’s also handy to know these terms:

  • Trim line: This is the anticipated edge of the paper.
  • Safe area: You don’t want to put important things like your signature or any text on the edge of the paper. Make sure all important content is within the safe area, which is .125 inches within the trim line. For a 5x7 inch print, that would be within the area of 4.875x6.875 inches.

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