Victron After Dark (18+) 👹

Because adults should be able to print adult art.

Queer-friendly and sex-positive.

We welcome all artists! One of the reasons we decided to create Victron Printing was to build an environment that is welcoming to all artists from the start. We know that many artists are implicitly and explicitly excluded from other print companies because of content guidelines. We are explicitly sex-positive!

Some subjects we know can be difficult to have printed due to content guidelines are:

  • LGBTQ+ content
  • Images containing nudity
  • Images that are sexual in nature, or depicting sexual acts, BDSM
  • Violence
  • Furry Art

Scroll down to see a (censored) gallery of After Dark art that we've printed!

Submission Guidelines

Here at Victron Printing, we are happy to print all artwork containing consenting adults. We will never print graphic or sexual images involving minors. We understand that in some situations it can be difficult to tell if a character in an image is an adult. We reserve the right to use our judgment in these situations, but we promise to work with you and consider your input.

We may also decline to print sexual images of celebrities that are not clearly conveying a character. We believe this is a matter of consent. While sexual images of adults are acceptable in a tribute/fan art context, outside of this context consent becomes questionable. Consent will always be our top priority when it comes to sexual content.

We will print violent content, but reserve the right to refuse to print non-consensual sexual violence or violence against real people.

We are happy to speak with you if you want to talk to us about any of these policies. Please feel free to reach out!

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