What paper option do I choose?

Choosing the best type of paper for your project depends on what kind of artwork you are printing and your personal preferences. Matte is our most popular option for fine art prints, we print most posters on glossy paper, and we personally prefer satin/lustre for photos (especially if they’re going to be framed).

In order to make the best choice for your art, it helps to understand the papers we offer. We offer three paper finishes:

  • Glossy: This is the finish you think of when you think of photographs
  • Satin/Lustre: A finish similar to glossy but less shiny, sometimes called satin finish
  • Matte: You might consider this “regular” paper, it is velvety smooth and not at all shiny

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the paper types:

We also offer archival paper. Archival paper is made without acid and lignin, which means it's resistant to yellowing and fading and made to last for hundreds of years. Archival paper upgrades your prints from amazing to the best quality available.

Read specifics on each paper option below.

Still not sure what you want? We are happy to give you a recommendation based on your artwork! Contact us.


Paper Options

At Victron printing, we have tested numerous papers to find what works best with our printers. To help empower you, and to be transparent about our process, we have included the brand and product information of each paper we use.

Matte Paper

Our standard matte paper is bright white and it is able to yield highly-saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail.

Specs: Premium Matte, 176-192gsm, 8.5-10.3 mil thickness depending on print size and manufactory availability 

Archival Matte

Our Archival Matte Paper is pulp / acid- and lignin-free, meaning it is resistant to yellowing and fading! This bright white matte paper is an affordable way to upgrade your prints to Giclée. 

Specs: Moab Lasal Photo Matte, 235gsm, 11 mil thickness, Giclée rated

Glossy Paper

Our glossy paper is every bit as sturdy and beautiful as the paper you think of when you think of photographs. We also like to use this paper for the most eye-poppingly colorful posters you can imagine.

Specs: Arista-II RC Glossy Inkjet Paper, 252gsm, 10.4 mil thickness


Manufacturers often call this “lustre” paper, but in artist circles it is better known as satin. Every bit as smooth as glossy paper but without the reflective shine, we think satin is a great way to describe this gorgeous paper.

Specs: Arista-II RC Lustre Inkjet Paper, 252gsm, 10.4 mil thickness

Archival Cotton 190 Paper

We have tried several cotton-based papers and this one is by far our favorite. This award-winning paper is naturally acid- and lignin-free and made of 100% cotton. Featuring a velvety smooth matte finish, our archival cotton paper captures vibrance and color variety like no other.

Specs: Entrada Rag Bright 190, 190gsm, 15.5 mil thickness, Giclée rated

Archival Cotton 300 Paper

This is the most substantial paper we offer. We have found that most artists like having their art prints on this thick, velvety smooth paper. This award-winning paper is naturally acid- and lignin-free and made of 100% cotton. Capturing vibrance and color variety like no other, it is easy to see why this premium paper is a favorite of artists.

Specs: Entrada Rag Bright 300, 300gsm, 22.5 mil thickness, Giclée rated



To see a breakdown of our pricing for each paper option, including bulk discounts, please see our pricing FAQ here.

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