What is giclée?

At Victron Printing we only make high-quality prints. But what does high-quality actually mean?

Doesn’t every printing company say their product is high-quality? It’s true that high-quality is actually a pretty vague term, fortunately there is a special term for a certain kind of high-quality print: Giclée.

The word "giclée" (pronounced "zhee-clay") is derived from the French word "gicler" which means "to squirt or spray."

In layman's terms, giclée is a fancy way of saying the highest quality prints. To be classified as a giclée print it must:

  • Be printed on a machine capable of producing at least 600 dpi/ppi
  • Be printed on acid-free and lignin-free, archival paper
  • Use 8 or more pigment based inks

Why does it matter?

Acid- and lignin-free paper is exceptionally resistant to color fading, yellowing, and degradation. Pigmented inks are also highly fade resistant and rated to last 100+ years. And while not all the papers we offer are giclée rated, they are all high quality and will stand the test of time better than standard paper. We also use printers with a color range of 10-12 inks which is more than is required to be considered giclée. No matter which of our paper options you choose to print on, when you work with us you are getting the highest quality prints possible.

And if you use archival paper, you get to call it giclée! Which is a fun, fancy term that lets people know your prints are the best.


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