What are Victron's sustainability efforts?

It is important to us that we minimize our impact on the environment, especially in the face of global climate change. We have done extensive research on how to best implement sustainability measures in our print company.

To lower our impact we:

  • use packaging made from recycled material,
  • reuse shipping material when possible,
  • donate paper scraps to local classrooms for art projects, and
  • are committed to reducing our plastic usage.

While our hope is to someday be plastic free, we are limited by the nature of shipping art prints. We explored several more environmentally friendly products, but plastic remains the best way to protect the prints. Ultimately it is better for the environment to ship in plastic, which protects the piece so it arrives safely the first time, than to increase the risk of it getting damaged and having to send a replacement.

If you have questions or would like to chat with us about sustainability solutions, please reach out to us and we will schedule a call!


Here's an example of the eco-friendly packaging we use from EcoEnclose:

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