California Resellers

If you are based in California and you are planning on reselling the prints you order you may qualify as tax exempt as a reseller and we are happy to update your account status with us to make sure you are not charged taxes on your orders with us.

To qualify you must

-Have a valid California seller permit

-Plan to resell and pay appropriate sales tax on the items you are ordering with us. 

To update your account to tax exempt reseller complete the form found at this link. Be sure to include the email address that is associated with your account with us. If you have never ordered with us before please create an account here

Once you have completed the form we will verify you permit, update your account status to tax exempt and notify you via email.

If you are ordering for person use please either notify us to change your status or create a separate account for personal orders.

This only applies to people and business operating in California who have a valid California seller's permit. If you are based in another state and do not operate in California this does not apply to you as we currently only operate in California and only collect sales tax for orders shipping and delivered within California. 

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